About me

I am a lecturer at Mahidol University. My research interest is to train deep learning model end-to-end on large datasets, including time-series and images. I got my PhD in Computing Research from Imperial College London. During my PhD, I have developed deep learning models that can automate feature extraction process in biosignal analysis, especially EEG signals (i.e., brain activity). My PhD supervisor is Prof. Yike Guo, a director of Data Science Institute of Imperial College London.

Current Research Projects

2021 – Current: งบประมาณด้าน ววน. กลุ่ม Basic Research Fund ปีงบประมาณ 2564: A.I. Development for Diagnostic Medical Neuroradiology (Role: Principal Investigator).
2021 – Current: Fundamental Fund of Basic Research Fund (FF64), Mahidol University: Quantifying the transferability of deep learning models in sleep stage scoring (Role: Principal Investigator).
2021 – Current: Western Digital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: Enhancing Automatic Debug Disposition in HDD Production Using Machine Learning (Role: Principal Investigator).
2021 – Current: Western Digital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: Development of Machine Learning Based HDD Debug Disposition System (Role: Researcher).
2019 – Current: Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital at Mahidol University: Interactive System for Assisting Medical Doctors in Assessing Patient’s Conditions (Role: Researcher).

Selected Publications

Journal Papers

Remote Monitoring in the Home Validates Clinical Gait Measures for Multiple Sclerosis
Akara Supratak, Gourab Datta, Arie R. Gafson, Richard Nicholas, Yike Guo and Paul M. Matthews
Frontiers in Neurology, 2018

Mixed Neural Network Approach for Temporal Sleep Stage Classification
Hao Dong, Akara Supratak, Wei Pan, Chao Wu, Paul M Matthews and Yike Guo
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2017

DeepSleepNet: a Model for Automatic Sleep Stage Scoring based on Raw Single-Channel EEG
Akara Supratak, Hao Dong, Chao Wu and Yike Guo
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2017

Conference and Workshop Papers

TinySleepNet: An Efficient Deep Learning Model for Sleep Stage Scoring Based on Raw Single-Channel EEG
Akara Supratak and Yike Guo
EMBC, 2020

Towards Desynchronization Detection in Biosignals
Akara Supratak, Steffen Schneider, Hao Dong, Ling Li and Yike Guo
NIPS Time Series Workshop, 2017

TensorLayer: A Versatile Library for Efficient Deep Learning Development
Hao Dong, Akara Supratak, Luo Mai, Fangde Liu, Axel Oehmichen, Simiao Yu and Yike Guo
ACM Multimedia, 2017 (Best Open source software)

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Past Research Projects

2019 – 2020: MU Young Researcher Grant: The Study of Transfer Learning in Sleep Stage Scoring (Role: Principal Investigator).
2019 – 2020: U.Reka: Information Embedding-Retrieval of Re-recorded Video (Role: Deep Learning Expert).
2015 – 2017: Progressive MS Alliance: Novel Enabling Infrastructure for Outcomes Monitoring: Dynamic Remote Performance Capture to Assess Disability in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis [link] (Role: Lead Data Scientist).
2014 – 2015: Samsung GRO Award 2014: Deep Learning on Fused Brain and Heart Signals for Mental Disorder Detection Grant: Samsung GRO Award 2014 (Role: Lead Data Scientist).


2018-Current: Mahidol University: Instructor.
2013-2018: Imperial College London: Ph.D. in Computing Research. Adviser: Prof. Yike Guo.
2012-2013: Imperial College London: M.Sc. in Computing (Software Engineering).
2011-2012: Mahidol University: Assistant Instructor.
2007-2011: Mahidol University: B.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology (Computer Science).


2020: Honorable Mention of of National Research Award, National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), with “VideoQR: Information Embedding-Retrieval of Re-Recorded Video” (Team: TinyEpicBrains).
2020: Winner of Katalyst x Stanford: Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship from KBank (Team: TinyEpicBrains).
2019: Think Disruptive from [U ME IDEA] (http://umeidea.net/) (Team: TinyEpicBrains) [link].
2018: Finalist of U.Reka program (Team: TinyEpicBrains) [link].
2017: Winner of Anglo-Thai Society Educational Award for Excellence 2017 in Engineering and Technology [link] [news].
2017: Best Open Source Software Award at ACM MM 2017 [link] [pdf].
2011: Full Scholarship for Young ICT Instructor Development from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University.
2011: Academic Excellence from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University.
2011: 2nd Place in Game Design, Imagine Cup 2011, New York, US.
2010: One of the six finalists in Game Design, Imagine Cup 2010, Warsaw, Poland.
2009: Honorable Mention, ACM-ICPC Asia Phuket Regional Programming Contest 2009, Phuket, Thailand.
2009: Two Honorable Mentions of PC and Console game category of SIPA Game Contest 2009.

Professional Service

Reviewers: IEEE TNSRE, IEEE J-BHI, IEEE Access, Biomedical Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Journal of Sensors, Health Challenge Thailand (HCT), Multiple Sclerosis Journal (MSJ), and CSAE.

Academic Experience

2018 - Current: Instructor for several undergraduate and graduate courses, Mahidol University.
2018 - Current: Instructor for Deep Learning Workshop, Mahidol University.
2013 – 2017: Teaching Assistant for several undergraduate and graduated courses, Imperial College London.
2016: Invited Speaker for the Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer Programme, Imperial College London.
2015: Invited Speaker for the short course in eHealth, Imperial College London.
2011: Instructor and Teaching Assistant for several undergraduate course, Mahidol University.